Running MLCad under Linux

The information on this page is available in English only, and was kindly provided by some pioneers. Please note that I do not know Linux at all (The only thing I know about it is that it is an unix style operating system ...).

I've got three descriptions of how to install MLCad to run under Linux, in case of questions please contact the people who wrote the descriptions!

1) Installation description of Jan-Albert van Ree:


Working Linux system with X11+windowmanager installed (I use KDE only, but any windowmanager should work)

Also check for other requirements wine itself has (gcc etc etc) I chose to work with the Wine source instead of a binary for better compatibility and performance on my system. YMMV ;)


Download the latest source release (full tar.gz file) of Wine from

Follow the Wine documentation for installation.

Installing Parts and MLCad.

You should now have a C folder in your $HOME directory, with in it at least "Program Files" and "Windows" as subfolders (looks familiar right? :D )

Download the Linux version of the parts database from LDRAW.ORG

Unzip the parts package and put it in /$HOME/c/Program Files/ldraw

Download MLCAD

Make an mlcad subdirectory in /$HOME/c/Program Files/ldraw

Unzip MLCAD package to /$HOME/c/Program Files/ldraw/mlcad

Now while in X11 open a console, go to /$HOME/c/Program Files/ldraw/mlcad and start the program with 'wine mlcad.exe'


2) Installation description of Xanthra47

Just install wine, then use it to install winzip.

Use wine to unpack the ldraw parts.

Run winzip under wine to unzip mlcad run mlcad under wine : )

There are some functions that don't work even with the latest version of Wine, but they're few and far between. One oddity I've noticed : I have to run MLCAD under wine as root. I get a lot of errors and winedebug goes nuts if I run it as a regular user.


3) Installation description of Dan Bogner

On my redhat 7.2, all I did was (Wine already installed)

- download mlcad.
- download the dats
- unzip dats
- unzip mlcad
- run "wine MLCAD.EXE"

Dan did not notice any problems as regular user.